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Republican voters can see climate change, too: only GOP candidates for president can't ... by gimleteye

The blogs are far ahead of the mainstream media on noting the gaping holes in the head of GOP candidates for president on climate change. See, Marco Rubio's pathetic comments to Maribel Balbin (posted below), who traveled to New Hampshire to deliver a climate change message. Rubio not only failed his homework but fails basic logic when it comes to the severe threat to national security that climate change represents.

Porter Goss, a former CIA director and former Congressman from Florida's west coast, put it very clearly to meeting of business leaders. Speaking about the gush of polluted water from Big Sugar pouring from the coasts, six years ago Goss called the damage to the environment, "our 9/11".

That is not what Rubio said. He confided to Balbin, the answer is "MITIGATION". Rubio said that flooding conditions in West Dade -- he said so to Balbin -- were worse 20 years ago and that "mitigation" in the form of flood control made his little corner of the world better; ergo, a little mitigation should go a long way to solving climate change since that has been his experience. (This is why Marco Rubio, "I'm no scientist", is unqualified to be president.)

Here is a photo taken yesterday, in coastal Maine, a harbinger of sea level rise. These lobster traps are on a dock, at high tide. There was no wind or storm or moon tide to explain why the tide is cresting over the top of the dock. How are you going to mitigate against THAT, Senator Rubio or Jeb Bush?

As Huffington Post notes, Republican voters in New Hampshire clapped when climate change issues were raised in public forums. It's almost never mentioned in the debates. It is about time that television news reporters and newspaper editors begin to understand: climate change is not some bottom of the list issue that needs to percolate up before it gets their full and undivided attention.

Climate Change Keeps Coming Up At GOP Campaign Stops -- And People Are Clapping
It's almost never mentioned during the debates.
02/08/2016 Amanda Terkel
Senior Political Reporter, The Huffington Post

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- When Dan Kipnis stood up and asked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) about his plan to address climate change, he thought he might face some angry audience members who didn't like his question. He was shocked to instead find people clapping for him.

"I thought I'd get some boos or something like that," the 65-year-old retired fishing boat captain from Miami Beach told The Huffington Post after Rubio's Sunday town hall in Londonderry. "But you know, these people up here in New Hampshire, they're pretty enlightened."

This event wasn't an isolated incident. Questions about climate change frequently come up at GOP town halls, even though it's an issue that the candidates rarely talk about unprompted and one that almost never comes up during debates.

Kipnis said he was also able to ask former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) a climate change question at a New Hampshire town hall, and he received a similar reception.

"I basically got a standing ovation," he said.

Bush also received a climate change question during his Saturday town hall in Bedford, New Hampshire. This one was from Cindy Lerner, mayor of Pinecrest, Florida. She and 14 other mayors -- a bipartisan group -- recently wrote to Rubio and Bush and asked to meet with them about climate change.

"What we're seeing in Florida and around the country is a very strong, green economy with renewable energy and energy efficiency. And we'd like to see leadership from our next president on this," Lerner said to applause.

"Look, the climate is changing. We have billions of people that live on the planet. We clearly have an impact. To deny it doesn't make sense," Bush replied to more applause, adding that he'd like to meet with the mayors when he's back in Florida.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has also repeatedly received questions on the topic.

Polls show that Republicans increasingly accept the existence of man-made global warming. The differences between the two parties are still wide, however, when it comes to how to address the issue.

Samantha-Jo Roth contributed reporting.

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Obviously these dock builders were idiots. They built it too low. That's Marco's mitigation plan. Build higher docks. Problem solved.