Monday, August 31, 2015

Take another crack at that Nabisco softball, Donald Trump: The Big White One That Tastes Like Sugar ... by gimleteye

Last week, Donald Trump blamed taxes and unions on Nabisco's decision to move its plant to Mexico. A point-and-click swing-and-miss. See Trump talk about Nabisco in this YouTube clip at minute 1:04:

Here is what Donald Trump missed: that Nabisco is moving because of the artificially high cost of sugar, not taxes or unions. The cost of sugar is high because of the sugar program in the US Farm Bill, assailed by conservatives and liberals alike, is immune from change for another one of Donald Trump's causes: campaign money abuse.

Big Sugar's political muscle on farm policy has created a form of corporate welfare that Senator John McCain calls an abomination.

Donald Trump missed his chance on Nabisco. With a little forethought, he might have even come back on the side of Republicans who like John McCain. Reforming sugar policy -- eliminating the subsidies that pollute American politics -- would create tens of thousands of new jobs, improve profitability for low margin enterprises across the consumer goods spectrum, and save consumers billions of dollars a year.

Donald Trump needs to be briefed on the disaster that allows Big Sugar to poison people, poison democracy, and poison the Everglades. Here is a place to start: "The Impact of the U.S. Sugar Program," John Beghin and Amani Elobeid, November 17, 2011. A quick Google search will disclose many other fact-based reasons for Mr. Trump to assail his primary opponents, Marco Rubio and Jeb! to name just two, for supporting Big Sugar.

Donald Trump has rubbed shoulders with Florida billionaire sugar growers (the Fanjuls of Coral Gables and Palm Beach) on the Palm Beach party circuit. Some fund Democrats, some fund Republicans: exactly the government-for-hire that Donald Trump wants to change.

So take off those glass slippers, Mr. Trump, and take another crack at that softball: The Big White One That Tastes Like Sugar.


Anonymous said...

Maybe guy screaming "WHITE POWER" at Trump circus was referring to white Oreo filling?

cyndi said...

did you sent to him?

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio is suggesting our national security depends on sugar subsidies. Clearly money talks.