Friday, June 05, 2015

Common sense on marijuana possession? Can Miami-Dade do something right? ... by gimleteye

The Miami-Dade County Commission proposes -- based on a request from the police department -- to de-criminalize possession of pot for under an ounce. I read this story in the Herald and couldn't believe my eyes. Is there a chance the unreformable majority of the county commission will actually embrace a common sense reform? When it is before you for a final vote, PLEASE PLEASE do the right thing, county commissioners.


Anonymous said...

They will never go to the Notice to Appear tickets. The entire justice system is designed to keep people in a perpetual penalty zone.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago the MDPD had a a program called DARE with a slogan that read "Say no to drugs". It was effective and it taught kids to stay clear of a vice that has been proven to ruin many lives. Now, according to MDPD Deputy Director Juan Perez, possession of a small quantity of marihuana is not an issue even if the true intent is to sell it to your kids. Good going MDPD, very soon your patrol officers will be handing joints to kids from their patrol cars and wishing them to have a nice day. Former MDPD Director E. Wilson Purdy must be rolling in his grave.