Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Stop the Port of Miami Tunnel NOW ... by gimleteye

If readers' comments are correct-- and how would we know, because the mainstream press is AWOL-- then the Port of Miami tunnel project is proceeding (a billion, for 3/4 mile works out to $142,000 per tunnel foot) without completed environmental permits. The worst of it; a plan to use polymers to fortify the crumbly lime stone beneath the bay. Interestingly, the extensive Wikipedia entry on the tunnel project contains nary a word on the polymer plan. I wondered, when I first heard; this has to be a joke.

The press-- even Miami Today-- let this story move forward without a whisper about an engineering design I venture to guess has never been tried in a submarine, karst geologic structure. Yes, you can inject a bone riddled with osteoporosis with filler, in order to drill it: it is not the same matter as boring a hole through lime stone underwater, wide enough for 18 wheelers.

How much polymer is going to be used? What is the effect of unleashing carcinogens into the bay? If the bore tailings are filled with toxics, where are they going to go? How did the plan go forward, without asking these questions of the engineers and contractors? And who among elected officials is going to have the guts to stop the "jobs" being created, until answers are provided? Governor Rick Scott? Mayor Carlos Gimenez? US Senator Marco Rubio? The Miami Herald?


Anonymous said...

Can someone provide an online link to the tunnel permit?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the EPA comments, which none of the MSM seems to give a darn about!

Let's not forget, this is OUR money being used to destroy OUR Bay!

Of all the idiotic projects being created "for Jobs", at what cost to our natural resources?

Politicians, if I were in charge, all of you who rubber stamped this mess would be "fired"!

Anonymous said...

The NY Times actually had an article on the tunnel on Sunday.

Geniusofdespair said...

also read:

They write about endangered coral near Fisher Island.

Anonymous said...

It's more than the grouting to harden up the limestone so they can cut it that you have to worry about. The actual boring will involve various chemicals, lubricants and solvents. Are these benign,natural occurring substances or toxic? Under a worst case scenario of frac-out, could these spill into the bay? What would happen and what is the contingency plan?

Anonymous said...

The link to the Port of Miami tunnel environmental resources permit application is:

There you can see all the files, including information on grouting, disposal of materials, sealife in the area of the project, etc..

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is reviewing this application.

Anonymous said...

What about the deep dredge of the Port of Miami project? The State of Florida just gave the Army Corps approval for the project. Unless there is a legal appeal this project has the green light to go ahead and start 600 days of blasting of Biscayne Bay, according to the New York Times article Sunday. Who cares?