Thursday, July 16, 2009

Campaign Contributions: The City of Miami Mayor’s Race. By Geniusofdespair

The City of Miami's Mayor's race is heating up now so I thought I would take a quick look at their Campaign Reports. Tomas Regalado has raised $420,174.90 as of July 10th and Joe Sanchez has raised $298,286.35.

Sanchez will follow Regalado in this report, I am using alphabetical order. Let me qualify this, I have not looked at ALL their reports so I have not rooted out evil, this is just what stood out to me as I looked at the pages for 3 agonizing hours. First we have some interesting campaign contributions for Commissioner Regalado: (between 4/01/2009 and 6/30/2009 on first 65 pages - there were 106 pages total)

At first glance I was surprised by the number of small checks that Regalado had received, under $100. The most I have ever seen on a campaign report. There were even a few $5 donations. You would NEVER find this many small donations in a County race.

1951 NW 19th Street in Boca Raton (YP Commercial LLC, Titusville 94 LLC) gave $2,000.

3028 NW 13 Street gave 6 at $100 each. Puzzling.

831 N. Venetian Drive with different businesses and names (such as J.V. Investment, Nand I Holdings, Emil Porto and Michelle Marquez) gave $3,500

Al Cardenas $250

Tew-Cardenas LLP $500

Arsenio Milian $200

Miguel (Ick) DeGrandy $500

BDG Kendall 162 and other Corporations $5,000 (The Brown’s own them - they have the UDB application at the County — now what is this about??? Anyone have a clue? I don’t like this one)

The Dragon Boat Club gave $500

City Outdoor Sign gave $500

Al Maloof, was on the County Planning Board $500

Crystal Connor (Was Jimmy Morales’ chief of staff, now a lobbyist/attorney) $250

Gutierrez Properties et al (Armando of course) gave $2,000

Jorge Gonzalez (Jilk Investments and other companies) gave $3,000

Charles Tavares $2,000

I cannot believe that Regalado paid $33,145 for his campaign headquarter lease. That seems excessive. He has Richard Fonesca, Jr. working on his campaign and Emiliano Antunez.

Looking at Joe Sanchez for the same period

It appears Jose Riesco is working on Sanchez's campaign. You will recall he worked on the Strong Mayor campaign and Mayor Alvarez's campaign. He also has Devenya Armstrong working on his campaign. Sanchez also had small donations and I did see 2 $5 donations.

Campaign Account of Carlton Fields $500

Ines Marrero Priegues lobbyist $500

Charles Tavares $500

Robert Trauig $500

City Outdoor Muralis $500

Niesen Kasdin $500

Robert Swain $1,500

Holland and Knight Law Firm $500

Marriott Hotel $1,000

Greenberg Trauig $500

Citizens for Property Tax Reform $500 (Why? They are in Coral Gables?)

Pedro Martin (a bunch of different companies) $4,500

David Wolpin, Attorney $500

What did he have a campaign fundraiser in New York? He got $9,000 from a pile of New Yorkers including many with the name Popowitz.


Anonymous said...

These type of contributions are expected to a certain degree on a mayoral race, but what about for the commissioners? It looks like the special interest and lobbyist have a couple of candidates that they feel will do what they want and continue to manipulate the system.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting for Regalado -- my first Republican vote -- because he voted against the stadium.

Francisco Alvarado said...

That Regalado has raised $120,000 more dollars than Sanchez is telling. It shows what a lot of people already believe - Regalado is gonna win. I agree with the anonymous poster concerning the commission races, just look at the people involved in Frank Carollo's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so many in New York?

*Cough* Marlins *cough*

I looked at the report too and certain name that rhymes with mavid Ranson gave a bit too.

Gifted said...

The headquarters thing HAS to be a typo.....

Anonymous said...

Looks like some of the principles of the Marlins have given to Joe Sanchez. They should have put the money into building their own stadium!

Cato said...

Frank Carollo, Francis Suarez and Mavel Cruz are all backed by the usual suspects (Sergio Pino, Steve Marin, Al Lorenzo, Herman Echevarria, Ralph Arza etc etc etc) a vote for any of these is a vote for continuing on the current path (to financial armaggedon).
Frank Carollo also has the distinction of getting the support and a $500 check from Carlos Alvarez.

Anonymous said...

I am curious why Sanchez didn't get a check from Alvarez as Riesco is working on his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Pretty clear that Greenberg Traurig is a litmus test campaign contribution. If you see their name, go the other way. Of course you have Tew Cardenas giving to Regalado, and De Grandy. It does make you wonder if these guys don't all just sit around and divide up who takes which side. Don't you think they figure they'll have the last word, no matter who is mayor? I wonder what Manny Diaz would say about that.

Anonymous said...

Regalado is for the people!

Anonymous said...

Have I told you how much I love this blog?
The Miami Herald just assumes what the canidates have to say.
I went to the AFL-CIO Union meeting yesterday and Sanchez kept on and on about how Regalado has a godfather that has given him boat loads of money. Meanwhile all of his checks are tiny and grass roots.

This guy just takes pot shots at people.
Of note, Regalado urged everyone (including the Herald reporter) to look up the campaign reports.
Guess he got lazy

Geniusofdespair said...

There were large donations too...but I saw a lot of small ones...

caution: I only looked at one reporting period. I will have to look at the others...

Anonymous said...

Some of the donations you printed are from residents in District 4 that have been supporters of Tomas Regalado for a long time. These are not "special interest" donations but community support. I'm more concerned about the machine bringing in the money for the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Until recently when it became obvious Regalado would win almost every contribution to his campaign was for $10, $20, $40. Then when it became clear Regalado was the frontrunner the usual suspects showed up with bigger checks.

Sanchez received over $30,000 from the Marlins. Sanchez helped the Marlins get $3 bil from the taxpayers and the Marlins sent him $30,000 for his campaign. So far.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Marlins will give Joe a job as a greeter after the election?

Anonymous said...

Joe Sanchez
Marlins Stadium and Major League Baseball (MLB):
Irwin Raij: MLB’s counsel - $500
John McHale: Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer for MLB - $300
Jimmie Lee Solomon: Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations MLB - $500
Robert Manfred Jr.: Executive Vice President, Labor Relations & Human Resources, MLB - $500
Robert A. Dupoy: President & Chief Operating Officer MLB - $500
Thomas Ostertag: Senior vice president and general counsel for MLB - $500
David Samson: President of the Marlins - $500
Cindi Samson: Wife of David - $500
Michael Hill: Manager of Florida Marlins - $500
Peter Loyello: Spokesman Florida Marlins - $500
Sean Flynn: Vice President of Marketing for the Florida Marlins - $500
Claude Delorme: Senior Vice President, Stadium Development at Florida Marlins - $500
Wayne Katz: Attorney in NYC, represented Marlins in negotiations for a new stadium - $500
Jeffrey Loria: Owner of Florida Marlins - $500
Julie Loria: Wife of Jeffrey Loria - $500
Keli Zaloudek: Executive Assistant of Jeffrey Loria - $500
Maxwell Davidson: NY art dealer, probably connected to Jeffrey Loria - $500
Michael Steinhardt: Famous American investor, friend of Loria - $500
Judy Steinhardt: Wife of Michael - $500
Other Developers / Real Estate:
13 LPs/LLCs owned by Corporate Creations Network located at 121 Alhambra Place #1100 - $5300
Citisquare Group - a developer with 9 subsidiaries - $4500
7 Listings under 169 East Flagler Street #1600 - $3500
PH Hotel Inc, Heagrand inc, PH Retail, DoubleGrand Bar Inc, Julie Gnmes, Fla. Intl Realty Svs - $2770
RJF Family Trust, 3 others located at 1877 S Miami Ave - $2000
The Mael Family (all listed living in NY) - $2000
Law offices of Solowsky & Allen PA - $2000
Namin Construction - $2000
Goldman Properties (Under multiple LLCs at 804 Ocean Dr) - $2000
3 Telecom Companies located at 2620 SW 27th Ave - $1500
The Related Group - at least 2 - $1000
Santa Clara Apts Ltd, affordable housing project; received Govt. grants headed by former County Mgr. Joaquin Avino - $500
Foley & Lardner LLP PAC - law firm that does real estate law - $500
Baker Construction Company, doing an addition to Miami Intl Airport - $500
PBSJ Corporation PAC, a political action committee for a construction company - $250

Anonymous said...

Tomás Regalado
Brown Development - $7500
Norman Braman, 11 car companies - $6000
Nifah and Partners, engineering company, not 100% sure on connections- $6000
Emil Porto, real estate - $5000
Canepari Family, Real estate developers Gatehouse Group- $4500
Munilla Family, construction - $4500
Little Bongo LLC and other ‘Farm’ properties - $3000+
Rodolfo Rodriguez, Miami Latin TV and other companies - $3000
Jilk Investment and others - $3000
Maurice Weiner & HMG Advisory Corp (1870 S Bayshore Drive) - $2500
First Commercial (7900 NW 155th St) - $2500
Paul Dudley, owner of Linden Airport NJ - $2500
Carlisle Development Group LLC (2950 SW 27 Ave) - $2500+
Vazquez Family (CEM Management and More) - $2450
Sandra Holdings and World Waste and others- $2200
Estrella Family, insurance industry - $2000
Gibraltar Miami LLC - $2000
Gary Gerson, development firms - $2000+
Gardner, real estate - $2000
MacDuff America Inc, insurance company and two underwriters - $2000
Vazquez Family, Meat Packing Companies - $2000
Charles De Lucca, other golf related industry - $2000
Commodore Plaza Parking LLC and owners - $2000
Leyva Family, Continental Electric Co (6950 NW 77 Ct.) - $2000
Fashion Outlets Inc - $2000
Negrin Family - $1900
Rickenbaker Marina, President, Manager and wife, and Founder - $1700
Brickell Commerce Plaza - $1500
Solowsky and Allen, law office – $1500
Perricone Marketplace - $1500
Gutierrez Properties Inc, property management - $1500
Zitro Inc (8105 W 20 Ave), electric company - $1500
948 Holdings and others - $1500
O.J.J Nursery, landscaping - $1500
Chavez S. Florida Interiors, construction - $1500
Half-Circle Property and others, property management - $1500
Samuel Oliver 2 max contributions in 1 cal yr., Pittman Lawgroup, City of Miami listed as client - $1500
Richard & Louise Allen, attorneys - $1000
Hodica Security/Parking -$1000
B.C. Property Holdings, 4500 Holding (4500 Biscayne Ave) - $1000
Coral East Development and others (10 NW 42 Ave) - $1000
Fasto Alvarez and Assoc (2828 Coral Way) - $1000+
Casablanca Seafood Grill / Fish Market - $1000
Wolfson Family, affordable housing - $1000
Priequez Family, consultant - $1000
Law Enforcement Systems, Long Island NY - $1000
Abamart Corporation - $1000
Rachman Family, insurance - $1000
LFLP Holdings and Cargil Int Corp, import/export - $1000
Happy Homes, insurance adjusters - $1000
Palm Bay Studios, real estate owned by Ehrlich - $1000
Law office of Joseph Carballo - $1000
China Hardware (720 NW 27 Ave) - $1000
Beuchamp Construction Company - $1000
Law office of Alex Hanna - $1000
Environmental Site Assessments, Storm and Land cleanup - $1000
Key West Harbor LLC (2640 S Bayshore Dr) - $1000
Gonzalez Family, ‘executives’ - $1000
Wildfire Amusements and Winners Circle - $1000
Miami Fraternal Order of Police - $500
The Holtzman Group, political consultants - $500
Becker and Poliakoff PA, lobbyists - $500
Epic West Condo LLC (701 Brickell Ave) - $500
Fraternal Order of Police Jacksonville - $500
Miami Police Hispanic Officers Union - $500
Double Entries or 2/3 Max Contributions (Under Investigation): Bernard Wolfson - $1000
Onier Llopiz – $1000
Skip Braver - $1000
Cigarette Racing Team - $1500
Javier Arritola - $1000
Samuel Oliver (04/28/09 #172 and 06/29/09 #757) - $1000

Anonymous said...

This truly is a Banana Republic! I'm shocked to see that a Police Union is actually contributing a political campaign instead of doing something good with that, I don't know, helping fellow police officers or keeping kids off the streets! Instead they're sending money Regalado's way...isn't that sad?!