Monday, January 14, 2008

Vile Natacha Seijas and Senile-Sounding Javier Souto in the Miami Herald Today by Geniusofdespair

There is an article about Natacha Seijas and her daughter today. Old news. We all know the ever vile Natacha skirts the ethics rules at every chance. She is a big wig at YMCA and they just happened to have received a donation for $110,000 from an airport contractor at a gala the other night. We all know that Natacha votes on airport contracts. And I previously reported on her daughter’s job at the airport. Here is it again from the Herald:

In October, Seijas' daughter, Justina ''Tina'' Millán Clegg, was hired as a cost analyst in the Aviation Department, where she deals daily with project managers, contractors and consultants. She had been chief development officer for the Miami-Dade Empowerment Trust, whose failed projects were the focus of Miami Herald stories last year. Clegg received sterling evaluations.

The airport contractor giving the donation according to the Herald:

Odebrecht is part of a joint venture finishing the $2.9 billion North Terminal and was main contractor on the $1.1 billion South Terminal. It partnered with Parsons Corp.


There was another Barf worthy article about the Adrienne Arsht donation of $30,000,000 to get the Performing Arts Center out of its hole. Instead of being happy that their center is being rescued, County Commissioner Souto did his usual swipe at rich people, because he wasn’t notified in advance that the gift was coming. Souto usually targets specifically non-Hispanic rich people with his little slurs. This time, according to the Miami Herald, instead of calling them the rich people that live in waterfront homes east of Biscayne Blvd. (Arsht for instance) and drink wine and eat cheese, Souto said:

'This is a lack of respect, and we are the guys who set this place from day one,'' said Souto, who chairs the committee that oversees the newly renamed Arsht Center. ``A group of wine and cheese and Gucci-shoes people decide they know it all.''

The commission ultimately took an afternoon recess -- which six of the 13 used to attend the announcement -- and Arsht later paid them a courtesy call. She got a standing ovation and praise from almost every commissioner. Only Souto remained silent.”

Here is a tip for you Souto. Stop the racist rants that make no sense and get on the bandwagon. If you are so jealous of the rich, stop making them richer. Or you could line your own pockets by getting a cushy, no-show job from them like your buds Joe Martinez and Pepe Diaz. Then you too could be richer and you can rant about yourself. I would suppose you don't drink wine because it might conflict with your medication but you could get the Gucci shoes you refer to. Both Articles


Anonymous said...

Barf is right!

out of sight said...


I will never own Gucci shoes, I am not sure where to buy them. I do know where to buy wine, but even then I am a Boones Farm sort of guy. (Must be my age)

But, I will tell you that I am very tired of racial snips from our elected officials. They should be the guardians of diversity. Instead they lead the community in a way that divides the county.

It is discouraging to see that our commissioners, executive offices and even county department directors reflect the attitude that they chose to surround themselves with people "just like them". The end result is executive offices of the commissioners or mayor favoring one group or another; the departments become heavily one race or another; and the real people in the community live in pockets of nationality. Ability and skills often bite the dust in this scenario.

As a voter, I am really tired of the "my people" theme. What is even scarier is when the elected official hides their prejudices. Outwardly, they hire token "others" for their staff like they are picking diverse faces for their next campaign ad. Then behind closed doors, they do whatever it takes advance their particular group or nationality's agenda.

For such a diverse community, we are splintered and racist. I do not expect to see in my lifetime this community (and its leadership) to ever use skills and ability as a measuring tape for whether or not a person is suitable for hire.

One can hope, though, for a better tomorrow. Imagine Miami as one family.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well said out of sight.

Anonymous said...

yes well said. and also to Genius, well said.... 'senile and vile'


Anonymous said...

Out of Sight,

I hope you aren't refering to the Black Commissioners. I don't see anything they are doing to "advance their group or nationality's agenda". In fact Blacks have no one to advance their agenda. That is why they have high unemployment rates, high drop out rates, few Black businesses, little housing, high murder rates, a continuous supply of money which never gets to the poor people, on and on.

These commissioners sole role is to to advance themselves financially by using their elected positons. Given that role, they have to surround themselves with certain kinds of people. Any other kinds of people would be a real problem.

out of sight said...

Are you saying that the Black Commissioners are doing their jobs representing county as whole? If they are, I stand corrected.

I remember getting mocked about my ethnicity from the dais by Com. Teele. That sort of thing still goes on from there... it is subtle and it is equal opportunity, or GoD would not be writing about it.

Some of the politicians certainly have the public talk down pat and are quietly doing whatever maneuvering in private they need to further service to their community ...Others are the politicos who are more oblivious the impact of the racial slurs they spit out on the general county community.

My point was in the previous post, take a close look at the political offices throughout the county. The elected officials tend to pick staff "that looks like them".
They will have some "token others" thrown in, but they are not their dearest and best advisers. And sadly enough, I think that sort of government official promotes segregationism that harms our county unity. Not to mention, it blinds the elected official to the people that elected them. Take a good look at personal staff.

County-wide elections would certainly broaden the scope of the diversity of voters for the commission and mayoral seats. However, unless the hired staff is truly a broad ethic mix that is listened to and respected, the elected official will still kowtow to his or her own.

Anonymous said...

Black commissioners are not concerned about the county as a whole, nor their Black communities. They are only concerned with themselves. If they could find some White or Hispanic staff who could help them get more money in their personal accounts, and not get them in jail, I think they would be hired.