Saturday, January 05, 2008

Vile County Commissioner Natacha Seijas: Up to no good again! By Geniusofdespair

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They say the "Devil is in the Details"!

On January 4th I made light of Natacha's upcoming EXPENSIVE travel plans. And some comments on the post explained the history of the ITC. Go read that post again with the comments. I cannot guarantee accuracy of comments. Use common sense.

Here on the January 10th County Commission Agenda we have the Vile Natacha Seijas trying to tweak the Ordinance that governs the ITC (better known as Natacha's private travel agency) even further. Note changes below. She is trying to get less oversight (review once a year, instead of 4 times a year, with an oral report thrown in) and she is trying to bestow her Queen powers: i.e. we will reimburse you ONLY IF WE APPROVE HOW YOU REPORT ON THE TRIP. In other words, censorship. This totally sucks.
I hope you can now see why I and Gimleteye find her so dangerous. Tweak by tweak she is destroying the County and her fellow bozo's are not far behind with their own tweaks. We are so totally screwed by this county commission!

You must download the Florida Hometown Democracy Petition, get as many signed as possible, and take some power from them. Let's do our own tweaking. Time is running out, do it today! (link on right side of page).


Anonymous said...

Great research. Well done Genius of Desire.

Seijas is vile.

Who would want to visit Miami-Dade county after meeting her?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the very problem with "independent trusts/agencies", like the housing agency? Little by little the oversight is diminished until only one commissioner has control. Did Rolle have his gredy finger in the housing authority? Now Seijas wants to call the shots for the trade group. Pepe Diaz must be in there somewhere. Bet he makes the motion to approve. Guess Seijas liked her free trips to Africa and India. People we get screwed everyday and don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

Clue me in,What about Comm. Dennis Moss, two years ago going to Africa on a similar bilateral trade between that country and Miami Dade County? Has there any trade begun as a result of that mission? Is it worth the tax payers dollars for a commissioner to go on another jaunt like before?
Foreigners already know about So Beach and will go there using MIA-
& FtLau-Hollywood Airport,(cheap-
er) self-guided travelers
I's say Natacha wants an all expense paid vacation.

Geniusofdespair said...

I's say you are right!

These trips are the stupidist idea yet. All we produce is real estate...what are they doing in Africa and India: promoting real estate? Are they trying to get business for the port? Then send Port people. Not Natacha. If anyone can scare away business she can. I would love to interview who they talk to in these emerging economies...