Friday, January 18, 2008

Carbon Trading Conference in Coral Gables Today by Geniusofdespair

According to their website: "UK Trade & Investment at the British Consulate-General Miami and Environmental Finance Publications are hosting this highly topical conference on carbon emissions trading and the markets that have emerged as a result of climate change."

The conference was yesterday and is on today at the Westin Colonade. Get over there readers. Will the Herald get someone over there? If I had the $985 to spend this is where I would be. If I were a developing country the cost would be $695. There is money to be made, new government boondoggle in the making? Florida Power and Light is a sponsor and has speakers.

They say that by attending Emerging Opportunities in Carbon Markets you will:

Learn, from leading industry and government specialists, how to identify opportunities in carbon trading.
Discover how carbon emissions liabilities can be converted into financial assets.
Understand the potential for Clean Development Mechanism projects in Latin America.
Find out how the US can benefit from what’s happening in Europe.
Hear about other companies’ experiences in the voluntary US market.
Take advantage of many opportunities to network with other delegates and speakers throughout the conference especially at the drinks reception after day one.


out of sight said...

Did you know that FPL is offering glow sticks for the cocktail party? They glow very nicely in your white wine.

FPL is proud to sponsor things that give off a glow.

Anonymous said...

I do not like the whole idea. It give polluters the way to keep polluting and not have a legal problem. They just but the right to go on killing us.

Anonymous said...

We can learn quite a bit from the Brits. They take climate change seriously and the Consul here has been working very hard to get us to pay attention. They've brought people here from the UK who have done substantive things in London and elsewhere to open the eyes of our oblivious politicians.

They orchestrated meetings with the Governator and Crist and Alex Sink. They basically have filled the void left by our own national government.

I'm not a big fan of carbon trading schemes, but if audited properly and if the cap is consistently pushed downward they could work. A carbon tax is easier but politically impossible in the US. It took a knock-down-drag-out brawl in the Congress just to get them to consider turning oil subsidies into renewable energy incentives. Imagine how popular a carbon tax would be. Europe has had some experience with the EU cap-and-trade system, not all of it rosy either, and I'm sure we could learn from that.

The UK held a trade convention in Miami for biofuel development a couple months back too. Very enlightening.

As to FPL - the parent company sees the strategic advantage they have versus other energy companies: they have very few assets in coal and their FPL Energy subsidiary is a dominant player in wind, solar and biomass. FPL Group can make a bundle on a cap and trade setup and position themselves well over their competitors.

Anonymous said...

Miami-Dade County is a contract member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. According to the membership contract, the county has to lower its emissions below the year 2000 baseline. Since the county is the largest fuel consumer in the state, estimated at 32 million gallons last year, this goal is really difficult. Why is this 'cap and trade' contract not being reported by the Herald?

Anonymous said...

Why do people still think the Herald is a newspaper. I get more out of the Sun Post, when I want hard facts.

Anonymous said...

Why do people still think the Herald is a newspaper. I get more out of the Sun Post, when I want hard facts.