Saturday, December 29, 2007

This Sucks: Miami Herald Is Outsourcing. By Geniusofdespair

According to an AP report published December 28th, the Miami Herald is going to outsource copyediting, ad work to India:

"The Miami Herald is outsourcing copyediting of a weekly community news section and some advertising production work to India, a newspaper editor said Friday."

Like the Neighbor's section isn't bad enough already? Why don't you scrap Neighbors if that is how much you care about it -- to outsource it. Have you ever thought about becoming a lean, relevant paper with hard hitting stories?

Guess not. Herald editors: Maybe you can have people in India watch Commission meetings on webcast and do the reporting too. We don't need any jobs in Miami.


out of sight said...

This is disgusting.

I am not even able to deal with ATT Internet locally... you have to deal with Filipinos (nice folks) who just can't help you; AOL sends you to India (nice folks) who can't speak English too well; some law firms send your case dictation to India to be transcribed; medical firms send your radiological reports to India... now the Herald is doing this?

Like we don't have any English Teachers or reporters in Miami that could do this on the side?

It is offensive.

I will write emails or letters if someone can give me some GOOD addresses...not addy's to a clerk in India!

Geniusofdespair said...

i heard the herald is cutting 40 jobs....

Anonymous said...

and while you were away...a big article on the planned museum for the Bay of Pigs heroes, only mentioning in passing the bay side site is "proposed."

out of sight said...

Did you see the picture on 2B in todays paper? It is one UGLY building.

I think they should put it in the herald lobby. Instead of messing up the waterfront.

Why do we need a giant museum for that group? It is not exactly going to be a big draw to anyone after the older Cuban pass on. And then we have ruined a wonderful view.

Anonymous said...

The Herald is indeed third rate. Even the Herald's former owners, Knight Ridder, left town. They moved to California. The new owners do not live in Miami either.

The Neighbors section should be installed in an expanded Metro section.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people in India can buy the paper everyday and supply the money to keep the Herald afloat too!

out of sight said...

Did the Herald get around to publishing the outsourcing yet?