Sunday, December 30, 2007

King Mango Strut by Geniusofdespair

Didn't go to the irreverent King Mango Strut parade in Coconut Grove this year but I was sent a photo of the Grand Marshals: the "Chongalicious Girls" (the YouTube hit). Photo taken by Harry Emilio Gottlieb.


Anonymous said...

i thought it was "chongalicious" but...

oh.. the variety of people here is what makes this place so wonderful and cheerful. I love u Miami!!!

Geniusofdespair said...

stand corrected....

Anonymous said...

Anything on our new contestant for District 11 ???????????

The first contested race for next year's Miami-Dade County Commission elections was set up earlier this month when event-marketing entrepreneur Whilmer ''Whilly'' Bermudez opened a campaign to challenge incumbent Joe Martinez.

Bermudez said he was encouraged to run by former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez.

''Basically, he's my mentor,'' said Bermudez, 30.

Suarez, however, said he did not encourage Bermudez nor was he supporting his campaign. Bermudez worked on one of Suarez's campaigns in the late 1990s, Suarez said. They have corresponded a few times since but do not know each other well.

''I have not encouraged him to run for this particular seat and am not supporting him in that endeavor,'' Suarez said.

Bermudez later said Suarez ``urged me to take on politics, but not to take on Joe Martinez.''

Martinez, a former policeman, has held the seat since 2000. He said he may challenge county Mayor Carlos Alvarez in 2008 but would otherwise seek reelection.

''If the seat became open, that would be a different story,'' said Suarez, a former boss of Martinez's chief of staff, Javier Marques.

In a list of initiatives Bermudez provided to The Miami Herald, he said he wants to make county government operate like a private business with profit-making programs allowing new services and reduced taxes.

''I can think of no reason as to why there isn't a Walt Disney World Miami or a Busch Gardens Miami or a major amusement attraction,'' he said. ``I can't think of any reason as to why the main points of interests are only downtown Miami and South Beach.''

Seven of the commission's 13 members have terms that expire in 2008; all of them have opened reelection campaigns or said they intend to do so. The deadline to enter the race

I suggested his initiatives include a bullet train OUT of Miami.

Anonymous said...


Of all the great stuff to take Joe on about, and all this guy has is that he wants Disney to open up a theme park in Kendall????

THIS more than anything is why incumbents stay in power. Nobody of substance rises to the challenge.

Having nutty old Xavier as your mentor helps too.