Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Magic: The Mega Big Day At the County Commission by Geniusofdespair

They have two agendas today. First is what they are calling “The Special Meeting” (or as I like to call it: the don't let the public stop the freight train agenda) where they will discuss all the City projects forwarded to them for approval: The port tunnel, the baseball stadium, the soccer stadium, Museum Park, bail-out of the Performing Arts Center and changing CRA districts. I expect Nasty Natacha Seijas will send some barbs at the City of Miami staff and put some hoops up for them to jump through, for no other reason then she enjoys pushing her hefty weight around.The notable thing on the second agenda is what the County Commission should do about that pesky Mayoral Veto. It is now in the shadow of the first Special Meeting agenda, but I think even more important. Anyone care to make a wager on what will happen? I think they will override but I hope I am wrong. My reasoning is that I don’t think they will let the applications inside the urban development boundary line go down in flames with the three that are outside the line. Watch it on TV or, if you don’t have a MAC, you can watch a webcast. If you decide to go, bring a barf bag, it will make you sick. If you have a camera you can amuse yourself photographing lobbyists in the lobby.


Anonymous said...

George Burgess has been quoted on TV several times lately decrying sprawl and the evils of building west of the UDB. It appears even Burgess understands the planning benefits of urban in-fill. It will be interesting to see which County Commissioners will go against the environment and all reason and override the Mayor's veto.

Anonymous said...


The BCC has been provided two viable options from the Mayor, and approved by the County Attorney, that would allow them to move the other (non-UDB) items forward in the process without having to over-ride the Mayor's Veto.

The doesn't want you to know about those options, because they want to use the cover of needing to move the "text amendments" forward, to justify their desire to move the "UDB items" forward.

Anonymous said...

The commission just overrode the veto on the UDB Items....

I would call that a NEWS FLASH, however, I don't think it is a total surprise to those people who know who controls what.

Sally Heyman was the flip vote! What's with that?

She awoke this morning and felt like voting differently? Maybe she forgot how she voted last time?

Maybe, she made a mistake last time? Today she corrected the error of her ways?

Could it have been a staged event all along to show the Mayor who is boss?

Time to look to the state for help on this one. Again.

Time to give Ms.Heyman more coffee to wake her up! Hmmmm. Maybe, it ought to be served with some vitamins that pump the memory.


Geniusofdespair said...

why thank you MODERATE...appreciate the info.

Anonymous said...

Bruno the Dim would not permit anyone to speak on the Mayor veo item. Votes already paid-for and counted. No discussion. Say goodbye to clean water, say hello to brown drinking water...