Monday, December 31, 2007

Arrogant County Commissioner Joe Martinez has a challenger: Whilmer ''Whilly'' Bermudez

I think this is Whilly's photo but I am not sure. Nice looking.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to see Joe Martinez gone from District 11. He is a bully and an arrogant SOB, however, the vision Whilly Bermudez has for Miami is to add a Disney-like theme park. Well golly! That is just what we need. Send him an email and ask him what his platform is, besides adding a theme park:

A bit more substance Whilly. And what is with the My Space page? A serious candidate calling himself "The Single Guy" interesting. Just how many young women voters are out in West Miami anyway?

The candidate is his own treasurer. That is a problem right there. He is running in a non-partisan election as a Republican, according to his filing documents. That is strange.

However, given the choice, I would probably vote for the silly guy over the mean, nasty guy.


Anonymous said...

i hope there are many single girls that vote in that district!

Anonymous said...

Joe Martinez is an ass and I hope several strong substantive candidates challenge him. Candidates trolling for women rarely woe voters...unless they are rockstars like Bill Clinton. And remember Bill Clinton had Yale and Oxford on his bio.

Anonymous said...

Frustrating! Why can't anyone with a clue run for office?

Pepe Diaz is re-elected unopposed even with a Federal corruption probe loomng. Nobody even bothered to try a token campaign.

Joe gets this 20 watt bulb as a challenger? Really?


Anonymous said...

The election process is broken when every sitting politician gets re-elected no matter how evil and corrupt they are.

The lobbyists and insiders who raise the money and who run the campaigns like "sure things". They want to make sure that when they buy a politician that he/she stays bought.

We need a Michael Bloomberg in Miami... His Net Worth exceeds the net worth of the City of Miami.

Geniusofdespair said...

These comments were posted under King Mango...they belong here:

Anonymous said...
Anything on our new contestant for District 11 ???????????

The first contested race for next year's Miami-Dade County Commission elections was set up earlier this month when event-marketing entrepreneur Whilmer ''Whilly'' Bermudez opened a campaign to challenge incumbent Joe Martinez.

Bermudez said he was encouraged to run by former Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez.

''Basically, he's my mentor,'' said Bermudez, 30.

Suarez, however, said he did not encourage Bermudez nor was he supporting his campaign. Bermudez worked on one of Suarez's campaigns in the late 1990s, Suarez said. They have corresponded a few times since but do not know each other well.

''I have not encouraged him to run for this particular seat and am not supporting him in that endeavor,'' Suarez said.

Bermudez later said Suarez ``urged me to take on politics, but not to take on Joe Martinez.''

Martinez, a former policeman, has held the seat since 2000. He said he may challenge county Mayor Carlos Alvarez in 2008 but would otherwise seek reelection.

''If the seat became open, that would be a different story,'' said Suarez, a former boss of Martinez's chief of staff, Javier Marques.

In a list of initiatives Bermudez provided to The Miami Herald, he said he wants to make county government operate like a private business with profit-making programs allowing new services and reduced taxes.

''I can think of no reason as to why there isn't a Walt Disney World Miami or a Busch Gardens Miami or a major amusement attraction,'' he said. ``I can't think of any reason as to why the main points of interests are only downtown Miami and South Beach.''

Seven of the commission's 13 members have terms that expire in 2008; all of them have opened reelection campaigns or said they intend to do so. The deadline to enter the race

I suggested his initiatives include a bullet train OUT of Miami.

December 31, 2007

Anonymous said...

Of all the great stuff to take Joe on about, and all this guy has is that he wants Disney to open up a theme park in Kendall????

THIS more than anything is why incumbents stay in power. Nobody of substance rises to the challenge.

Having nutty old Xavier as your mentor helps too.

January 01, 2008

Anonymous said...

There is no way the people in District 11 will elect this meathead.

Oh wait...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Hey Genius, Silly Dudes become Nasty once they have a taste of power. Perhaps you are better off with the Devil you know.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh boy! After this one, if I was this Crazy Bermudez, I would take my name out of the race and out of Miami.

Anonymous said...

I AGREE 100%, if the incumbent is going to have an opponent, it must be a good oponent, NOT THIS GUY. No one with that kind of background and the right mind would run in any capacity.

Geniusofdespair said...

As i said in my post: Silly Guy or SOB?

out of sight said...

Good Grief.

Those were just words printed on here, while I don't think he is ready for politics (or office) if that is his website....

I think when a person dumps caca like was posted here, you better see the evidence before you believe everything you read. You have to think about people who may have an agenda... that is true all through life.

Anonymous said...

Is he a Mensa?

Anonymous said...

God grief,

I looked at my space and I did not liked what I saw.

We need better candidates.

Anonymous said...

If he'll post a few pics with his shirt off he can have my vote.

Anonymous said...

What does "Mensa" mean?
The word "Mensa" means "table" in Latin. The name stands for a round-table society, where race, color, creed, national origin, age, politics, and educational or social background are irrelevant.
Officially, Mensa's stated purposes are "to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; to encourage research in the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence; and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members."
Definition of the word Mensa:

Mensa takes no stand on politics, religion or social issues. Mensa encompasses members from so many different countries and cultures, and with many different points of view. For Mensa to espouse a particular point of view would go against its role as a forum for all points of view.

HE IS NOT A MENSA. What the hell is he????

Geniusofdespair said...

the blog administrator is reposting with a couple of sentences removed:

Anonymous said...
Have you seen this guy website in my space? Just type his full name and see for yourself!

How in the world he thinks that he can run in politics period?

LORD OF LORDS!!!! Give me a break!!!


Give me a break.

Exotic girls and god knows what else takes place.

What we do know, is that once you see his entire website in my space, which he made some changes, however, he forgot that there are still ex friends and present friends in his close circle that were able to download everything for the media to study.


Can you tell us what have you done for the children, the elderly, the needed in Miami Dade County in the past ten years?

Can you tell us how many community service hours (volunteer hours) have you accumulated in the past ten years?

Can you tell us how many awards have you recieved from the County and/or from any and all non profit organizations in Miami Dade County?

Can you tell us what are your values?

Can you tell us what are you going to do if you ever win the seat on District 11 in the first year in office?

An ex friend of Bermudez

January 02, 2008


Geniusofdespair said...


Anonymous said...


well that leaves out 99% of the politicians above poster -- you are not realistic. Give the guy a break.

Geniusofdespair said...

out of site --

that is why i removed some sentences -- i read your post and you were right.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

Thank You kindly for supporting me and writing to give me a chance to be an asset to Miami Dade County.

I may own an event marketing company, but without it... I wouldnt have the business sense and experience that I can offer the county.

The Miami Herald article left out many of my goals for District 11.
Since my campaign website is still being constructed, I will send any one my list. You can email me at any time. Also, if anyone is interested in joining my campaign and lending their time...dont hesistate!

Happy New Year To All!

Warm Wishes,


Anonymous said...


At least he is not being investigated by FREC like the newly elected Vice-Mayor for Miami Lakes, Nancy Simon. Go to and lookup Carmel on the Case-Lawmaker or Lawbreaker. You can see the video at

Apparently she was investigaged for listing her occupation on financial disclosure forms as coming from real estate and her license has been expired for three years. The Herald then wrote an excellent article on Dec 26th(Flak prompts newspaper to stop covering politics) after conversations were held with the reporter, publisher and newspaper owner over their reporting of her issue in a community paper called the Miami Laker.

I sometimes think people that have never been involved in politics can sometimes have their heart in the right place and haven't been exposed to or corrupted by the special interests.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks for writing Whilly. first things first: Get rid of the My Space page. And good luck with your campaign. Keep us posted on your website.

Anonymous said...

I will get down on my knees for this hot papi, plus he'll get my vote.

Geniusofdespair said...

This is what a hot guy looks like? Wow. Am I off base on looks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Whilly:

Are you going to vote against moving the Hurban Development Line back, thus no more construction take place in Miami Dade County, also around district 11, this way the interests groups such as the Latin Builders Association will no longer make money?

Are you going to vote against it or not?

If you are going to vote against it, then why don't you tell that to the Herald and start the real fight!

Anonymous said...

Everyone, did you hear what he said? His mentor is Xavier Suarez... Nuff said!

See ya Whilly!

Anonymous said...

First and for most why would anyone in the right mind want a nasty club promoter to run the streets of west miami. Open your eyes! The so called single guy yeah we sure want more scum in miami..........

Anonymous said...

This guy is reallyyy hott!! In fact, hes the best looking politician that Ive ever seen! On another note...
scrolling down all the comments, I can see how ignorant and stupid people are! Who cares if the guy is or was a club promoter? who cares if hes single? who cares if he works out? Almost every past & present politician we have had has been a FAILURE!!! So I would think that were all ready to give a new young guy with good ideas a chance!!! We should judge the guy on how he responds to our questions, not because of the other stupid stuff! The haters & the envy from the "Anonymous" are so repulsing & redicilous. Its some of the negative comments above, why Miami Dade is no where near where it should be!!


Lorena Centeno
District 11

Anonymous said...

I highly appreciate this forum.

Someone asked the "single guy" in one of the comments if he was going to vote against moving the development line, thus benefiting the Builder's Association.

That is the best question of you can ask an opponent in District 11 at this time, since that is one of the main interest groups and/or perhaps the only interest group that exists.

If this guy Bermudez answers "yes", then he is not going anywhere in politics, and if he answers no, then he is not going to ever make any money and be a commissioner for life.

Now the final question is: Why does Bermudez wants to become commissioner of District 11, when he is a "business man" who loves money and wants to make profit (money) and not just the $6000 dollars a year a commissioner makes, seating on the commission for over eight hours, spending time and energy, not being able to go for a barbecue on a weekend, not being able to travel as much, not being able to party and drink????

Please, stop the madness and realize that if Bermudez does not answer this wonderful posted question to him on this forum, he is a flat hepicrotic and another decit, AS MOST POLITICIANS.

Please Bermudez, answer the question - are you going to vote against moving the development line, thus save our natural resources (trees, everglades, birds and life), because no one wants more construction?

Answer the question priorly posted!

Thanks to all the bloggers for the common sense and once again thanks to this forum.

God Bless you all and may god have mercy on all of us, at least the present commissioner has helped repair the street, enhance the areas, build libraries, create reading programs, and invested quite a bit in the area - I GIVE HIM THAT MUCH.

Anonymous said...


Bermudez lied to the Herald and use an ex politician's name as referral "mentor", when the ex politician Mr. Suarez denied such mentorship, friendship and/or aiding in the mind of Bermudez to become a politician.

What does that tell you?

He started with a lie and will end with a lie, that is how I see it and I am 68 years old, republican Cuban/American, a vet, who defends the constitution of the USA and still believes in democracy, justice and equality for all, but I am not and will not support this Bermudez because he started with lies and not with truths.

I agree with the other blogger who asked the question regarding the boundary development line. That is a huge question to ask a so call "honest politician" and/or a Bermudez that wants to make a difference.

If he is real, honest, truthful and does really wants to make a positive difference, then he would not mind to only make the $6000 a year as a commissioner and needs to do the following:

1. Inmmediately express his vote against moving the development line

2. Tell the Builders Association to go to hell, that he is not going to help them - EVER

2. Call the local media and newspapers and tell them the same

3. Hold a conference in front of Commissioner Martinez home

If Bermudez is not willing to do so, then he is a LIAR and a DECIT.

That is my humble opinion.

Proud old cuban/american

Don Shula's Athletic Club said...

Wow! I see that this blog continues!!!

Dear Sir,

Perhaps you should read the Herald article again. I never lied to anyone about Xavier or anything else. Both myself and Xavier were asked different questions, and then a little sensation was added by the Herald.

In fact, heres a message from Xavier Suarez to me: "newspapers can be quite unreliable, and very innacurate".

Now, on to the question /topic of the day: Urban Development Line

I feel that we are already overpopulated and more residential construction is NOT in our best interest. And so, to that I vote NO! In front of Martinez's house or anywhere else. Feel free to let the Miami Herald know to print that. NOOOO TO EXTENDING THE LINE!

I dont care about the Latin Builders & their money. My opponent can keep that money! I said in my previous posting that anyone can feel free to contact me with questions or etc. However, most of what takes place here is folks that hide thier identity. I am an open book, with nothing to hide. So I have answered your question, and here is my email:

I prefer to speak with residents that have concerns & would like to express them. There is no need for negative comments, since I am here to address any issues.

Best Regards,

Whilly Bermudez

Anonymous said...

Enough of Joe Martinez!

This video says alot! Then & Now!

Geniusofdespair said...

Thank you Whilly for your comments. I am glad you are for holding the UDB line for residential development. We need you to do it for all development -- when there is no more land within the boundary, then that will be the time to move it...perhaps. The professional planners at the county have said that time is not here yet.

I want dialogue not character assinations. The man is being open and expressing real views readers.

Anonymous said...

Whilly, thanks for contributing.

Your participation demonstrates why blogging makes a difference.

By the way, can you put me on the list for Saturday night, LOL, just kidding!

Anonymous said...

LOL I rather have a 'Charlie Wilson' type commissioner than Martinez! Bermudez may surprise us all and make us older generation proud..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We have to vote for Whilly Bermudez so that he can bring the clubs he promotes to the district and to increase the drug problems to district 11.....Whilly get a life and stop being a deadbeat father and start paying alimony to your ex-wife to help raise your kid.....When are you going to stop with the clubs arent you too old already to be caught up in the club/drug scene

Anonymous said...

lets vote for Bermudez so he put clubs in our district, like if we needed this.
Whilly you have to be insane if you think my family is voting for you.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident of District 11 and am opposed to the expansion of the UDB. I wasn't going to vote for Martinez but I sure as hell was not going to vote for Bermudez. I did my research and saw his background. No wonder he does not like law enforcement. However, I ran across Martinez during the Costco grand opening and asked him to explain why he voted for the expansion. He explained that he has been opposed to residential expansion since the 2006 cycle. As Chairman, he was able to convince every residential application to withdraw as they would not pass. During this cycle, he did the same with the lone residential application. He did support two commercial applications: Lowe's because he evaluated the pros and cons such as reverse traffic flow, a bridge to alleviate traffic on 137 avenue and traffic lights at 139 and or 142 avenue. He also spoke about jobs and a home improvement store in an area where there are none. The other application was a reaction to what he said was a bad decision to a community council vote. They allowed 800 new homes with only one exit. That exit was less than 1/2 mile from an elementary and 1 mile from a PLC. The commercial development will build a four lane road with a light at Kendall and 172 plus improve Kendall Drive. That would allow those residents to use Kendall Drive and not a small street so close to the elementaries. He did not convince me that it was a good decision but at least he had an explanation for those decisions and he defended them. It was a five minute conversation so I am not sure I remembered everything we spoke about but that was the general context. I will vote for Martinez because at least he makes his decisions on each issue and not blindly.

Anonymous said...

Although I see he is an "entrepeneur" as a club promoter, I can't understand how he continues to SPAM people with his information. SOMEHOW his campaign gets a hold of email addresses (personal & professional) and they send out mass emails about fundraisers and campaign events. We aren't even ASKED to be on these lists! These type of assumptions are immature and not those of an educated, dedicated public servant.

Whilly, you do NOT make our generation proud. Step back and find someone who will serve the TRUE public need, not just their own quest for popularity.

Miguel said...

I would like to congratulate Mr. Bermudez for having the courage to stand up and try to make a difference. I know its a lot easier to sit at home and think of ways to fix issues and attack candidates who are actually trying to make a difference! I know Whilly personally and I am convinced he has our best interest in mind. That is the most important character trait a candidate must possess. Whilly has many supporters and that includes professionals like myself. Whilly keep on fighting to make a difference!

We will PREVAIL!

Anonymous said...

****** It appears that most of the negative comments are coming from Joe Martinez & his group!

1. Bermudez never said that he wanted to bring any nightclubs to Kendall.

2. Bermudez is called an entreprenuer because he has started several projects & businesses.

3. Bermudez has no reason to dislike law enforcement. When you read files, make sure that you are paying attention to the correct first name.

4. Bermudez pays more child support for one child than most people pay for 2-3 kids. He chooses to send in one monthly payment instead of a bi weekly payment. He is current on his child support.

5. Bermudez doesnt have an ex wife that he owes anything to. No alimony or anything of the sort.

6. Getting back to child support: When a custodial parent wants more money from the father, they file for a 'modification'. In our juristiction, the judge always goes retroactive to the "date of filing" to grant the new higher amount. This creates an immediate balance for the non custodial parent. This is one of the unfair practices in our county & state.
Past due is when you are aware of a debt and do not pay.

7. Bermudez believes in Term Limits!

8. Bermudez is against building beyond the UDB!

9. Bermudez believes that the Mega Plan should not even be considered without the residents opinion.

10. Bermudez is very sharp and business oriented. He would absolutely be an asset to County Goverment. He has good ideas and the right character to lead the district.

11. Bermudez is a good friend and very kind human being.

12. Bermudez has done zero negative campaigning even though he is running a grass roots campaign without much money.

13. Our county is screwed up! I suggest you all do better research and stop attacking good candidates. Otherwise, we will be stuck with Joe Martinez for another 4 years. Not to mention that we will continue going down the same road of corruption.

Unlike most others, I need not remain anonyms to clear up any rumors. My name is Tony Campos and I work for the county. I also have been assisting the Bermudez campaign because of who this candidate is and what he represents. You can even email me at:

Let's Vote For Whilly Bermudez on Aug 26!

Thank You,

Tony Campos

Anonymous said...

I dont think that Whilly needs anymore popularity. He is one of the best known names in the city. It looks that he wants to make some crooked places straight.