Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"House of Lies" and more, on the Carnivorous Center for the Performing Arts by gimleteye

In the Miami Herald, Marlon A. Hill –a letter writer—defends the Carniverous Performing Arts Center, advising people not to “throw rocks at our own glass house.” Mr. Hill ought to have disclosed that he is a board member of the Miami Parking Authority.

Interesting. Perhaps the Miami Parking Authority can explain how the budget for the PAC failed to account for parking.

We read on the parking authority’s website: “The Miami Parking Authority is an active member of the South Florida community, contributing funding and in-kind services to over thirty festivals, events and non-profit organizations each year. Board, management and staff participate in annual United Way campaigns, sit on the boards of area non-profit organizations, and donate their time and resources to community activities.”

So with that rosy news, perhaps the Miami Parking Authority and its board members, with over 30,000 parking spaces under management, can address how did the PAC get permitted in the first place, without a dedicated source of parking, instead of waving off customers from throwing rocks "at our own glass houses"?

In this context, the Miami Herald might undertake some further exploration of a comment, relating to the PAC and parking, made by one of our anonymous commenters.

“Speaking of Parker Thomson, did anyone else notice that the PAC's lobbyist - Javier Soto (former chief of staff to Alex Penelas)- is also the lobbyist for one of Parker's private business interests (Scicom Infrastructure Services) AND Terra Group, the people who want to build a $120,000,000 parking garage for the PAC funded by the County. Read that again and try to not gag! And WHY does the PAC even NEED a lobbyist? Further, as their lobbyist, what is Soto trying to get the City of Miami to buy from Scicom? And is Parker also involved in that process? AND as chairman of the PAC, is Parker giving preferential treatment to his personal lobbyist in his efforts to get the County to do a deal with his OTHER client Terra?? It's just layer after layer of cruddy conduct and influence peddling!!!”

Finally, to the Pulitzer Prize by Herald writer Debbie Cenziper, congratulations.

To the Miami Herald: yes, we can read how much easier it is to publish fraud done to poor people than publish fraud done to taxpayers by government and special interests.

But strong reporting deserves recognition, and so it with “House of Lies”.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to The Miami Herald journalist Debbie Cenziper for winning the Pulitzer Prize.

I knew that she would win this most coveted journalist prize for her excellent in depth “House of Lies” expose on the affordable housing scandals that have permeated Miami-Dade County.

We that live in Miami-Dade County are most honored that Debbie and the Miami Herald have been able to champion the rights of our community against the corrupt developers and government officials that have taken advantage of the poor, needy and taxpayers.

The real shame is that a corrupt and scandalous story like “House of Lies” actually took place in our community and had to be revealed by Debbie and the “Forth Estate” and was not address and resolved a long time ago by our own government with all of their many and checks and balances.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb
Coconut Grove

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the same crowd who pushed for the $500 Mil PAC disaster (planned with no parking) are now lobbying for $500+ Mil for two little known museums on Bicentennial Park? Amazingly enough, Miami Art Museum (still lacking a real collection) submitted a budget showing no parking. Where is the fiscal responsibility? Where is the public process?

Anonymous said...

Is the 'Terra Group' in this article the same as the Terra International Developers Company that the firm of Gordon & Reyes represent? The lobbyist for the PAC, Javier Soto, is also a lobbyist for the Terra Group. Jami Reyes is also a consultant for the Terra Group. The Terra Group wants to build the $120,000,000.00 parking garage. Jami Reyes is the Chairman of the Board of the Miami Parking Authority. Is this not a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Jami Reyes and Gordon Reyes also represented Linda Haskins in her failed campaign. Days before appointee Haskins was badly beaten by now elected Commissioner Marc Sarnoff Haskins pushed to allow a change in zoning that allowed Terra Group to get approval for a 67 story high rise on a Herald parcel. Previously the Herald endorsed Haskins. Voters gave Haskins barely 35% of the vote.

Why is the Herald the last to recognize corruption? The Miami-Dade Housing Authority operated for years without anyone asking questions. Where was the Herald in 2004? 2005?

Disgusted taxpayer said...

Why doesn't the Herald assign Debbie Zenziper to look into the proposed taking of 40% of Bicentennial Park? This publically owned waterfront park is only 27-28 acres. A group with huge egos and a third rate art collection and NO endowment want the politicans to give them public waterfront land AND they want $100 Mil to $200+ Mil in taxpayer money to build them a building. And they want $20+ Mil so they can pay their friends/consultants. On public waterfront land. Where is the expose? This seems like an award winning story.

Genius of Despair said...

What is with all this bicentennial park stuff being posted on every subject we write about?? Go to Coconut Grove Grapevine to discuss Bicentennial park...link is on the left side of our page. We can't cover everything....they are giving coverage

Anonymous said...

Bicentennial Park is a Miami-Dade County and a City of Miami issue. It is a 28 acre waterfront park. It affects us all. Consider that any buildings on Bicentennial Park will cost the taxpayers at least $275 Mil, before cost overruns. How much waterfront parkland do we have to waste? Shouldn't everyone be concerned?