Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ax the Property Tax and the Big Guys save a bundle. By Geniusofdespair

According to New Times reporter Francisco Alvarado in Axing the Property Tax, if Florida removes the property taxes we would save Lobbyist Rodney Barreto $37,672, Shoma’s Homes, Masoud Shojaee $116,649 and Car King, Alan Potampkin, $348,102 a year.

I guess my property taxes of of about $5,000, looming big on my budget, now seems small potatoes. I could buy a nice condo from some vulture fund with Potamkin’s taxes.

What do some of my favorite Lobbyists pay:
Stanley Price: $10,292.43 (photo right)
Jeffrey Bercow: $12,749.20
Brian May $23,801.21


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see which projects would go underfuneded to absorb the tax break..ugh.

Anonymous said...

Why should wealthy homeowners get any break with homestead exemptions. If anyone owns a home or condo worth $500,000 or more, should pay full taxes on the property, with no exemptions. That way middle class and under residents can keep the homestead exemption and the municipalities not lose tax dollars. Affordable housing rental units could also get a break in their taxes so more would be built and be profitable for landlords.

Anonymous said...

Not 500k houses.... that means that I would paying full taxes on the house and my salary has not increased over the years to cover the resulting jump in my budget. Just because the house value jumped in the bubble ...doesn't mean my income jumped to match it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with the first post, make it 2m and see how much moneyh gets captured.

Albert Justo said...

The tax break would save these heavy hitters a bundle, but, more importantly it would give our market the boost it needs. People would start to buy and sell homes again and our economy would be in a much better state. Not only do I feel it is a good idea, I think it's necessary. Double Homestead and Portability are also ideas, however, once you do the math the overall savings are not, in my opinion, enough to revamp the market. We need something with more "umph". The difficult part is helping one group without hurting another.