Monday, October 27, 2014

Don't Buy the IPhone 6. By Geniusofdespair

HYSTERICAL Black Guy! x rated language.

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This guy sums up the I phone 6 pretty well (the language is x rated but it is funny as hell.) Because I own the big one, I can relate. And everything he said about his old phone, it happened to mine...lost power in an instant, Siri made no sense, etc.

Not Funny, same subject, except boring white guy with 5 reasons NOT to buy it:

Forget about holding the IPhone 6 plus for a long conversation. It is too cumbersome. I will have to use my earpods ALWAYS.


Anonymous said...

This is incredibly funny but raunchy.

Anonymous said...

Emerging technology! Steve Jobs is gone, what do you expect? The great ones only come for a season. We have to let them push the frontiers and advance us while they are here.

Anonymous said...

Really he is not too far off. There is something to how apple products, yahoo online services, Skype, google cloud services are actually getting worst and loosing functionality over the with each new update. Its the trend when the mfg controls the software and the user is limited in their ability to keep and use an old poduct.