Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Steven Hagen, City of Miami Parks Activist, Sounds Off. By Geniusofdespair

At the Press Conference it was visually demonstrated that every resident of Miami owns about 53 square feet of Watson Island, but already 2/3 has been given away to Jungle Island,  Childrens Museum, two boat clubs and the land the Interstate highway occupies.  Residents also own land on the Grove Waterfront and Virginia Key.   These are the areas being given away this week to private interests. In fairness, the City will collect lease fees from the Grove and Watson Island, but  there is nothing tangible residents get in return.  That needs to change.

Emphasis was placed on just how much more land Miami residents  and Taxpayers are willing to give or lease to private interests.  

Steve Hagen, park activist since 2002, representing over 290 persons who have signed a petition More Park for Miami NOW, is launching a campaign for residents to get informed and let the Mayor and Commissioners know to stop the giveaways of public land. 

Time will tell if the media and the public become informed and cause the Commission to take action to benefit Miami residents or to allow development business to continues status quo at Miami City Hall.

it was stated that developers and construction projects have done just fine in Miami over the last decade, but on the other hand, under Mayor Diaz and Mayor Regalado, parks and public spaces have shrunk per population growth and the public has received nothing tangible in return on the leases. Contact City Commissioners:,,,,,,,

Sign the petition: More Parks for Miami Now.


Anonymous said...

Just ask Miami Dade County PROS, Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner, South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard, the soccer parents of the City of Coral Gables, and the YMCA of Greater Miami, what a great deal it is, to giveaway Public Lands to Private Corporations. Yeah and the Miami Heat, Marlins, Arsht Center, too.

Anonymous said...

Steve Hagen is right. Elected officials give away the taxpayers land to their friends and during bear markets they never buy cheap land to create more parks.